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Dog Selfie Saturday

The selfie has had a hard time of late. The ‘dogselfie’, however, is going gangbusters!

To celebrate the selfie of a k9 description I have compiled 10 of some of the interwebs best dog-selfies. Some you may know others are relatively unknown… For now.

1. Norm the pug @jermzlee

We have to start with Norm the pug. He claims to have
started this dogselfie craze.




Bahahahhahah Stormtrooper Pug. Cracks me.

                            2. Harlow & Sage/Indiana @harlowandsage

Now these two playful pooches are Hi-LAR-ious. Seriously. They’ll have you in stitches.




3. Mochi@justanotherdogblog

I have to be honest I’m kinda jealous of all the attention pugs get online. I mean what about the Yorkie?

Anywho this pug doesn’t really take ‘selfies’ but cos he lives in my hood I figure I should give the guy a plug. And it helps that his insta profile is comedy gold.

Mochi’s human, dresses him up in well known movie characters. You can even put in a request. It’s genius!




4. @Itsa3dogslife

These guys selfie in threes. Nuff said.


5. American Apparel’s Menswear Dog

Now this world famous hound hasn’t quite yet mastered the art of looking into the camera in photos. He sure does have swagger though.


Here’s a selfie where he gets it right.


6. Eko @markingourterritory

Eko’s human blogs about his misadventures. He has a great blog on how to take a dogselfie. 


7. Ricky @ricky_yorkshire

I love this guy cos he’s my brother from a different mother. #yorkiepower


8. Tuna @tunameltsmyheart

This guy needs no intro. No really he needs no intro. You all should’ve heard of him but if not just look below.


9. Felicia @feliciatpe

This goofy gal made the list cos I got’s a mad ‘pupcrush’ on her. I thinks it’s a her…


Post edit: Turns out he’s a boy… bugger! I think his name is Mack.

10. Me @dexter_thedog_blogs

Here’s me! It’s my ‘just laying here casually’ selfie. What ya think?



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