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Lunch at The Scarborough Hotel

Picture of the exterior of The Scarborough Hotel

Drive South of Sydney for an hour or so and you’ll reach The Scarborough Hotel. A very special hotel that won’t disappoint.

A little unassuming by the sidewalk. It’s not until you step inside you realise you’re in for quite the treat. The interior is rich! It’s restaurant, come front bar, come art gallery and it works!

Step a little further inside, order a wine, turn around and take in that view!
With the dog? Send the Mister or Mrs inside to order drinks. Head to the door by the right hand side (on the outside of the hotel) and make your way across the lush green grass to the furthest table to the right. Snap that baby up! In a group? Reserve the cabana in the far left hand corner.

You’ll feel completely alone with the view of the ocean and the lush green hills that backdrop this great hotel.

We prefer the above tables for that reason. You can take in the hotel, the hills and the ocean and be far enough from other patrons to feel like you’re enjoying this hotel on your own.

Now you know where to sit, here’s what to order… SEAFOOD! The Scarborough Hotel starts serving lunch from 11am, and has seafood dishes to share or go solo. Lobster, king-prawns and salmon are all there for you to enjoy.

On this particular visit I ordered the mixed seafood plate for $24. Food was great but in hindsight I should’ve splashed out and ordered the lobster. Next time…

Ash and Dexter shared a hamburger. Asher is quite the fussy one, yet he gave it a big thumbs up. Juicy and big was his review. A detailed palate he has not.

Dexter gave us a mighty wag of the tail as he set off on another pat scoring mission. We agreed  the tail wag was as good as a ‘tastes awesome’.

Scarborough Hotel - South Coast - NSW

Besides the food, wine and the view… the vibe here is just right. Relaxed and serene you could easily dine a day away here and leave refreshed.

For the little furry pals it’s perfect. They’re very well looked after by staff. Dogs can stay by your feet or lounge on the grass (whilst respecting other patrons of-course). Dexter took this freedom a little too far and spent an awful lot of time trying to force the other patrons to pat him. He’s quite the little attention seeker.

So next time your down South be sure to drop in to this great hotel. Or make a day trip for lunch and visit the local towns and beaches.

Call The Scarborough Hotel on 02 4267 5444 or visit their website:

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