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Time to try #Pawleo

The whole world is going Paleo crazy. Not convinced? Just type #Paleo in an Instagram search.

Actually, here… I did it for you: #Paleo. See what I mean?

The word Paleo may even make some of you turn away in ‘over it’ exasperation.

Please don’t. I’m not about to go all ‘Paleo Pete‘ on you. Paw fella has had a raw deal of late…

Instead, I’m here to tell you about a great little Melbourne start-up called Pawleo.

This time next week I will be shopping at Preston Markets for the first batch of PAWLEO. Squee! Get your orders in so I know how much to shop for. We are making our first delivery on Saturday 15th of August to Carlton, Carlton North, Clifton Hill, Collingwood, Fairfield, Fitzroy, Fitzroy North, Northcote, Preston and Thornbury. If you feel left out let me know and we can make a plan! The first batch will contain (and only contain) lamb pluck, ox heart, chicken, cooked egg (and shell), lentils, carrots, sweet potato, something green (maybe kale), turmeric golden paste I make myself and fish oil. Orders can now be made through the website, via Facebook or To celebrate all of Archie and Maverick's hard taste testing work this week's orders can receive a 20% discount with the code 'Archiesdinner.' And a shout out to the lovely and talented Linnea @hedeborg of @hedeborg_design creator of our logos. #sorryforthehashtags #dogsofmelbourne #melbournedogs #madeinmelbourne #melbourne #handmade #ilovemydog #carlton #carltonnorth #collingwood #fairfield #fitzroy #fitzroynorth #northcote #preston #thornbury #brunswickstreet #rawfeedingcommunity #rawfeeding #pawleomelbourne

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The gorgeously happy pair below are the inspiration and the brains behind Pawleo; Archie the Airedale & Jess Morton.

Archie the Airedale has suffered from allergies and any good furparent of a furbaby with allergies knows, just how awful that can be. The endless scratching and discomfort is heartbreaking.

My little Dexter suffered so badly that he developed little scabs; a terrible time in the Crescenzi/Davis household.

So for that reason whenever an all natural food company pops up, it most certainly piques my interest. Add an Aussie brand to boot and I’m all squeals and hand claps.

So who is Pawleo and do they know what they’re talking about?

Founder and Head Cook Jess has done a little research and taken a doggy delicious blend of fresh, high quality, hand ground meat, bones, vegetables, turmeric and fish oil.

Jess sources all her products from Farmer’s Markets to bring your pooch Pawleo loveliness!

On her website Jess explains, in the wild, a dogs diet would be varied and contain many foods including, but at minimal levels, grains.

The daily prey of a hungry paleo pooch would include skin, some hair, muscles, some bones and organs, including the stomach.

In the stomach there would be the remains of  lunch, probably some grasses as well as rotten greens and fruits.

Makes sense don’t it? When you think about the Paleo Dog diet it most certainly does.

On her website she also recommends (like any responsible furparent) you slowly introduce Pawleo to your dogs diet and to always check with your vet in the event your pet has special dietary requirements. She also suggests that you add raw bones to help with dental care.

For us here at T H E  D O G U E  L I S T we wish Jess and Co the very best for this new business venture!

To find our more about the nutritional value of going Pawleo click here.

I’ve also included some links to articles to help begin your own research:

Paleo Leap

Mark’s Daily Apple 

DweebNote: As #socmed and design dweebs we have to give a shout-out to Pawleo’s awesome logo. We ♥ it!

Awesome logo designed by @hedeborg_design

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Has your dog already gone #Pawleo? Tell us in the comments below!

Oh! To follow Pawleo on Facebook click here and Instagram here.

Bye for now.

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