25 of the best dog tattoos on the interwebs

a yorkie tattooed onto the arm of a person

Your dog loves you and what better way to honour Fido’s unconditional love than with a very permanent declaration of love returned.

Not such a bad idea, is it? Better than inking “I love Byron” only to find out Byron is a douche and has been dating your sister for three months. Amirite – amirite?

Anywho… I digress. If you so happen to be thinking of inking you’ve come to the right place. Please see below for our collection of the very best minimalist and modern #dogink you’ll find on the interwebs.

1. IRL doggo

2. Puppy love

3. Cartoon pupper

4. Silhouette Boston

5. High five hound

6. Rainbow pup

7. Pack tatt

8. Flowers in her hair hound

9. Minimal canine

10. Origami doggo

11. Dark Shiba

12. Too cute tatt

13. Cheeky puppy

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14. Shadow pupper

15. Love balloon

16. Paws for fashion

17. Inter-species love tatt

18. Geometric dog

19. Skater pug

19. Two peas in a pod

20. Paws heart

21. Outline ink

22. Paddling pup

23. Love and flower doggo

24. Bagel babe

25. Angel hound

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