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The best dog friendly cafes and restaurants in Sydney

Time to try #Pawleo

The whole world is going Paleo crazy. Not convinced? Just type #Paleo in an Instagram search. Actually, here… I did it for you: #Paleo. See what I mean? The word Paleo may even make some of you turn away in ‘over it’ exasperation. Please don’t. I’m not about to go all ‘Paleo Pete‘ on you. Paw fella has had a raw deal of late… Instead, I’m here to tell you about a great little Melbourne start-up called Pawleo. The gorgeously happy pair below are the inspiration and the brains behind Pawleo; Archie the Airedale & Jess Morton. Archie the Airedale has suffered from allergies and any good furparent of a furbaby with allergies knows, just how awful that can be. The endless scratching and discomfort is heartbreaking. My little Dexter suffered so badly that he developed little scabs; a terrible time in the Crescenzi/Davis household. So for that reason whenever an all natural food company pops up, it most certainly piques my interest. Add an Aussie brand to boot and I’m all squeals and hand claps.

Picture of the exterior of The Scarborough Hotel

Lunch at The Scarborough Hotel

Drive South of Sydney for an hour or so and you’ll reach The Scarborough Hotel. A very special hotel that won’t disappoint. A little unassuming by the sidewalk. It’s not until you step inside you realise you’re in for quite the treat. The interior is rich! It’s restaurant, come front bar, come art gallery and it works! Step a little further inside, order a wine, turn around and take in that view! With the dog? Send the Mister or Mrs inside to order drinks. Head to the door by the right hand side (on the outside of the hotel) and make your way across the lush green grass to the furthest table to the right. Snap that baby up! In a group? Reserve the cabana in the far left hand corner. You’ll feel completely alone with the view of the ocean and the lush green hills that backdrop this great hotel. We prefer the above tables for that reason. You can take in the hotel, the hills and the ocean and be far enough from …

Food from The Winery

The Winery

Didn’t know The Winery was pooch friendly? Well.. you’re welcome. The savvy Sydneysider knows this place on Crown St in Surry Hills well. Think pretty lights, funky decor and a happening crew of patrons. The food is delish, cocktails are dangerous and they (in my opinion) have the best events in Surry Hills for girly brunches. Check them out for yourself here.

Bow Tie Collars by Stuff Steph Does

Consider yourself a bit of a D.I.Y maven? Then this post is the perfect little project for you. When dressing your dogue in full garb is not appropriate this small statement piece will suffice. So here are the tools to make this gorgeous little bow tie from the Stuff Steph Does blog. It’s a great blog! We highly recommend you visit. In fact you can visit the original post here. First things first, cut out your fabric pieces. These sizes are all guidelines. You can cut pieces bigger and have a bigger bow or a wider collar. It’s up to you! Check out this size guideline from Buggsy if you get stuck with measurements. Fold and press the fabric into the thirds so the edges are in the back on all three pieces. Fold the bow and the “tie” piece in half with the right sides together and sew the edges together. Trim your threads and flip right side out. A re-press may be in order as well. Accordion-fold the bow piece and slip it …

Pumpkin Treats for your dog

One of our favourite blogs here at The Dogue List is A Beautiful Mess. We can always find pawsome craft and D.I.Y  projects to fill our lazy Sundays with. One such post being this dog-tastey recipe for Peanut Butter and Pumpkin Dog Treats. You’ll need: 2 cups whole wheat flour (if your dog is wheat sensitive please choose another). 1 cup of oats 1/4 cup of peanut butter 1/3 cup of pumpkin 1 cup of water In a bowl combine all the ingredients and mix until well combined. Press dough into a ball, wrap in plastic and place in the refrigerator for a few hours or overnight. Lightly flour your work surface (again, with whole wheat flour) and roll the dough out until it is about 1/2 inch thick. A cookie cutter or the mouth of a small glass will help to cut out the treats Optional: Apply an egg to wash the tops of the treats. Bake at 250 F for 25-30mins and allow to cool before serving. Don’t forget to keep these goodies in …