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Eco Friendly Pet Cave

I (much like the rest of the interwebs) adore E.T.S.Y. I spend countless hours searching through shops from all the amazing artisans across the world. I find nothing more satisfying than discovering that one bespoke item that is un-replicated. Unique. Mine!

As enjoyable as it is to find those pretty little things, only you have snapped up, it is far better to share them. So for this reason I thought it best to share my precious finds with you. Each week I will  post my shop or product of the week with you. Hopefully you and pooch will adore these products as much as I.

This weeks E.T.S.Y shop under the spotlight is Agnes Felt by Agne’ Audejiene from Lithuania. Agne’ is a superstar with felt. Something I would like to try myself one day. Ange’ provides both cat and dog caves. Perfect for the pet who loves to burrow under the covers or find those hidden spots to snooze.

Dog Cave

Agne’ turned her love of felt into a nifty little business with unique pieces. Here a few of my favourites. Not all for pets. Some items for humans too!

Group shot   Slippers 2Slippers

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