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a yorkie tattooed onto the arm of a person

25 of the best dog tattoos on the interwebs

Your dog loves you and what better way to honour Fido’s unconditional love than with a very permanent declaration of love returned.

Not such a bad idea, is it? Better than inking “I love Byron” only to find out Byron is a douche and has been dating your sister for three months. Amirite – amirite?

Anywho… I digress. If you so happen to be thinking of inking you’ve come to the right place. Please see below for our collection of the very best minimalist and modern #dogink you’ll find on the interwebs.

1. IRL doggo

2. Puppy love

3. Cartoon pupper

4. Silhouette Boston

5. High five hound

6. Rainbow pup

7. Pack tatt

8. Flowers in her hair hound

9. Minimal canine

10. Origami doggo

11. Dark Shiba

12. Too cute tatt

13. Cheeky puppy

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14. Shadow pupper

15. Love balloon

16. Paws for fashion

17. Inter-species love tatt

18. Geometric dog

19. Skater pug

19. Two peas in a pod

20. Paws heart

21. Outline ink

22. Paddling pup

23. Love and flower doggo

24. Bagel babe

25. Angel hound

Swipe Left or Right for Tindog?

I discovered Tindog with intent. There I was, just chilling feeling all entrepreneurial when I turned to my fiance’ and said “you know what?! There needs to be a Tinder for dogs.”

A quick Google search later and wouldn’t you know it… it’s been done. Ugh sad face.

Created by the folks at Holidog, Tindog aims to connect owners and pets with the ease of a swipe left or wipe.

Now in the name of thorough ‘bloganism’ – blogging/journalism (I think I just coined a new term)* Dexter and I downloaded the app to investamagate.

*EDIT: That term is already taken. Losing at originality today!

To set up an account it’s fairly straight forward, you connect your Facebook profile, fill in pet particulars – ASL, upload images of pet and parent, write a quick bio and you’re away!

App Download Userface for Tindog

Dexter had specific requests for his profile and knew exactly how he wanted to appeal to potential furpals #available.

So with careful consideration we selected the following images from his Insta.

So with careful consideration we selected the following images from his Insta. Dexter wanted to femonstrate his many sides, his cute and carefree tude, his love of pub crawling and his ability to drive pals around town.




Potential pawpals included the likes of these two.

Note: Captain Franklin is both a Captain and enjoys a bevvy. Dexter digs the ocean and as previous images denote… he enjoys a drink! Good match!

So what do we think of Tindog? Hard to say really we didn’t get a match. Dexter is adorable so clearly that’s not the issue. Plenty of Sydney users so another non-issue.

What I think lets Tindog down for Aussie members, is the members! Unfortunately  members aren’t logging in enough (I know this by their last logged in date) and if notifications are turned off… they certainly aren’t seeing our swipes of interest.

This application could be a lot of fun – not only in the process or ‘act’ of finding potential pals but the actuality of finding regular doggy play-dates for your beloved furball; something that can be very difficult in larger cities.


After using Tindog for some time more matches were made. Tindog certainly has some ways to go if it will ever be truly popular in Australia. We’ll keep it on the third page of our iPhone app collection for now, along with Dexter’s hopes and dreams of finding local furpals #sadface.

Time to try #Pawleo

The whole world is going Paleo crazy. Not convinced? Just type #Paleo in an Instagram search.

Actually, here… I did it for you: #Paleo. See what I mean?

The word Paleo may even make some of you turn away in ‘over it’ exasperation.

Please don’t. I’m not about to go all ‘Paleo Pete‘ on you. Paw fella has had a raw deal of late…

Instead, I’m here to tell you about a great little Melbourne start-up called Pawleo.

The gorgeously happy pair below are the inspiration and the brains behind Pawleo; Archie the Airedale & Jess Morton.

Archie the Airedale has suffered from allergies and any good furparent of a furbaby with allergies knows, just how awful that can be. The endless scratching and discomfort is heartbreaking.

My little Dexter suffered so badly that he developed little scabs; a terrible time in the Crescenzi/Davis household.

So for that reason whenever an all natural food company pops up, it most certainly piques my interest. Add an Aussie brand to boot and I’m all squeals and hand claps.

So who is Pawleo and do they know what they’re talking about?

Founder and Head Cook Jess has done a little research and taken a doggy delicious blend of fresh, high quality, hand ground meat, bones, vegetables, turmeric and fish oil.

Jess sources all her products from Farmer’s Markets to bring your pooch Pawleo loveliness!

On her website Jess explains, in the wild, a dogs diet would be varied and contain many foods including, but at minimal levels, grains.

The daily prey of a hungry paleo pooch would include skin, some hair, muscles, some bones and organs, including the stomach.

In the stomach there would be the remains of  lunch, probably some grasses as well as rotten greens and fruits.

Makes sense don’t it? When you think about the Paleo Dog diet it most certainly does.

On her website she also recommends (like any responsible furparent) you slowly introduce Pawleo to your dogs diet and to always check with your vet in the event your pet has special dietary requirements. She also suggests that you add raw bones to help with dental care.

For us here at T H E  D O G U E  L I S T we wish Jess and Co the very best for this new business venture!

To find our more about the nutritional value of going Pawleo click here.

I’ve also included some links to articles to help begin your own research:

Paleo Leap

Mark’s Daily Apple 

DweebNote: As #socmed and design dweebs we have to give a shout-out to Pawleo’s awesome logo. We ♥ it!

Has your dog already gone #Pawleo? Tell us in the comments below!

Oh! To follow Pawleo on Facebook click here and Instagram here.

Bye for now.

Top 13 Puppy Essentials

A list of all essential products for a new puppy

Welcoming a new puppy home is one of life’s wonderful moments. Watching the tiny pups explore their new home is so much fun and it’s precious to see them adjust to you and their new surrounds.

To ensure their transition is as smooth as possible we’ve put together a list of products to help guide you and ensure pup has all that it needs for those initial moments in their new home.

  1. Harness. Puppia have to be one of the most popular harnesses around for the small to medium dog. They’re durable, stylish and reasonably priced. To find stockists near you visit:
  2. Dogtired Blanket. Every tiny pooch needs a blankie. The Dogtired blankets are not only gorgeously soft and kind to the environment, they’re also 20% off! Check them out here:
  3. Bed: Somewhere to snooze when they’re all played out. We love Fuzzyard, their beds are super comfy and warm whilst being decor friendly. Fuzzyard is loved the world over so visit their website to find a stockist near you.
  4. Dog tags: or a collar with your dogs name and your contact details. We particularly love ETSY to find unique and handmade dog tags.
  5. Leash: You have to control that baby hound! We recommend a retractable lead pooch to explore a little further a field. Check out this handy lead from The Australian Pet Shop .
  6. Shampoo: Rufus & Coco have some gentle products to keep your puppy smelling fresh. We particularly love their 2in1 oatmeal wash, perfect for sensitive pets. They also have other great products like Pee Here to help with potty training.
  7. Toothbrush and toothpaste: Get them in the habit young! Training your pup for teeth brushing will save you a tonne in dental bills down the track.
  8. Training pads: These are great. Place them anyway add a little Pee Here and your pup is good to go… literally! This EBAY listing is a great place to buy them cheap and in bulk.
  9. Toys: Teething pups need something to munch. So to avoid furniture or shoe munching we recommend Teethers Puppy Chew Bone from Pets Palace.
  10. Food & Drink bowls: There are sooo many doggy bowls to choose from. You can choose from handmade items at ETSY or our featured bowls from Pet Fancy and more. Doggy dining can be a very messy affair so we also recommend these cute dining pads from Woof n Wag.
  11. More toys: You won’t have any trouble finding plenty of toys for your new family member. We recommend puzzle toys to keep your dog entertained. They need snuggly toys too and we love these eco friendly pet toys from Pet Shop Girls, it’s an Aussie store too so we love them even more!
  12. Brush: To keep those luscious locks (of the extra fluffy breeds) well groomed we recommend The Redecker Eco Brush from Biome.
  13. Love: Lotsa lotsa love. A new furry addition to the family needs plenty of attention, patience and a tonne of love.


Eco Friendly Pet Cave

I (much like the rest of the interwebs) adore E.T.S.Y. I spend countless hours searching through shops from all the amazing artisans across the world. I find nothing more satisfying than discovering that one bespoke item that is un-replicated. Unique. Mine!

As enjoyable as it is to find those pretty little things, only you have snapped up, it is far better to share them. So, for this reason, I thought it best to share my precious finds with you. Each week I will post my shop or product of the week with you. Hopefully, you and pooch will adore these products as much as I.

This week E.T.S.Y shop under the spotlight is Agnes Felt by Agne’ Audejiene from Lithuania. Agne’ is a superstar with felt. Something I would like to try myself one day. Ange’ provides both cat and dog caves. Perfect for the pet who loves to burrow under the covers or find those hidden spots to snooze.

Dog Cave

Agne’ turned her love of felt into a nifty little business with unique pieces. Here a few of my favourites. Not all for pets. Some items for humans too!

Group shot   Slippers 2Slippers

Puppy Tales | Our first feature!

On our way to world domination we hope to be featured all over the interwebs. With that in mind we are well chuffed to share with you our very first shout-out of a major kind.

Dogs and their owners flock to the Puppy Tales website for all their poochy related loveliness. Huge in Australia, these guys really are the premier Australian dog website.

Naturally, they couldn’t resist the likes of me! With my soulful brown eyes, fluffy face and bushy tail.


You can check out my feature here: Dexter goes Global

Puppy Tales love to feature dogs from Instagram not only on their site, but their Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

So if you think your dog has what it takes to go front page and be placed in front of their huge online community; make sure you’re hash-tagging your Insta’s #puppy_tales.