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Glebe Foreshore

Dog leaning on low wall looking out to Sydney Harbour

The Glebe Foreshore has to be our walk of choice. It’s local, it’s pretty and very (small) dog friendly.

On any given morning or afternoon there are plenty of well trained dogs exploring the parks and foreshore.

The area includes 17 hectares of open grasslands, sports fields, adventure playgrounds, wetlands; where your dog can roam (mostly) leash free.

The foreshore includes water access where water furbabies can take a dip. Dexter tends to shy away from beaches where the waves roll in. He’s  just a little guy. But he loves it here when the tide is low.

I enjoy watching the athletic dogs bound into the water free of fear. One particular dog (I’ll have to add a photo when I see him next) likes to stand in the waters edge, hypnotised by the fish swimming by. It’s hilarious.

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