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Swipe Left or Right for Tindog?

I discovered Tindog with intent. There I was, just chilling feeling all entrepreneurial when I turned to my fiance’ and said “you know what?! There needs to be a Tinder for dogs.” A quick Google search later and wouldn’t you know it… it’s been done. Ugh sad face. Created by the folks at Holidog, Tindog aims to connect owners and pets with the ease of a swipe left or wipe. Now in the name of thorough ‘bloganism’ – blogging/journalism (I think I just coined a new term)* Dexter and I downloaded the app to investamagate. *EDIT: That term is already taken. Losing at originality today! To set up an account it’s fairly straight forward, you connect your Facebook profile, fill in pet particulars – ASL, upload images of pet and parent, write a quick bio and you’re away! Dexter had specific requests for his profile and knew exactly how he wanted to appeal to potential furpals #available. So with careful consideration we selected the following images from his Insta. So with careful consideration we selected the following …

Manicure female foot next to manicured dog paw in black and white.

#DogManicures are a thing now

Oh yes! You read correctly #DogManicures are actually a thing right now. Every pooch has a beautiful set of nails to beautify. Sure it seems a little ridunk but if it’s good enough for RiRi’s and Kylie Jenner’s dogue then it’s good enough for Dexter! Scroll below for some nail art inspo. View this post on Instagram came home to these babes sleeping in my bed A post shared by Kylie 🤍 (@kyliejenner) on Mar 11, 2015 at 8:47pm PDT Bad Girl RiRi aka Rhianna View this post on Instagram Bitch got minx A post shared by badgalriri (@badgalriri) on May 24, 2012 at 2:52am PDT Have you tried to paint Fido’s nails? Personally, getting Dexter to comply would be a mission and a half! We’d love to see your doggy nail art pics. Tag us on Instagram or Facebook so we can share them with our community 🙂

Bondi to Bronte Walk

A challenging walk for both hound and human is always a good thing. Hound gets an active walk and combats boredom and human gets some fresh air whilst doing a little working out. It’s a win. Win! Sunrise and sunset is my favourite time to do this View this post on Instagram Beach bashing! #BonditoCoogee #bronte #tamarama #clovelly #sydneybeaches #seesydney #dogsofsydney #instadog #dogs #yorkies #destinationnsw A post shared by T H E B O R K L I S T (@theborklist) on Aug 6, 2014 at 4:38pm PDT View this post on Instagram Butt shot #legday #dogs #yorkies #bondi #barkbox #sydneydogs #dogsofsydney #igersydney #vscocam #yorkies #yorkiearmy #yorkshireterrier #instapet #instadogs A post shared by T H E B O R K L I S T (@theborklist) on Aug 11, 2014 at 2:38am PDT View this post on Instagram Mum took me to #Bondi for a play in the sand for #NationalDogDay #InternationalDogDay #RuleBreaker #dogs #instadog #ilovemydog #instapet #petstagram #dogsofsydney #surryhillsdogs #yorkies #yorkiearmy #barkbox #dogoftheday #pupsofsydney A post shared by T H E B O R K …

Dog Selfie Saturday

The selfie has had a hard time of late. The ‘dogselfie’, however, is going gangbusters! To celebrate the selfie of a k9 description I have compiled 10 of some of the interwebs best dog-selfies. Some you may know others are relatively unknown… For now. 1. Norm the pug @jermzlee We have to start with Norm the pug. He claims to have started this dogselfie craze. & Bahahahhahah Stormtrooper Pug. Cracks me.                             2. Harlow & Sage/Indiana @harlowandsage Now these two playful pooches are Hi-LAR-ious. Seriously. They’ll have you in stitches. & 3. Mochi@justanotherdogblog I have to be honest I’m kinda jealous of all the attention pugs get online. I mean what about the Yorkie? Anywho this pug doesn’t really take ‘selfies’ but cos he lives in my hood I figure I should give the guy a plug. And it helps that his insta profile is comedy gold. Mochi’s human, dresses him up in well known movie characters. You can even put in a request. It’s genius! & 4. …

Dog leaning on low wall looking out to Sydney Harbour

Glebe Foreshore

The Glebe Foreshore has to be our walk of choice. It’s local, it’s pretty and very (small) dog friendly. On any given morning or afternoon there are plenty of well trained dogs exploring the parks and foreshore. The area includes 17 hectares of open grasslands, sports fields, adventure playgrounds, wetlands; where your dog can roam (mostly) leash free.